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Many clients need information to move forward with decision making and assess their risks.  To help clients do so, Christina responds as quickly as possible and offers practical advice and counsel where needed.  Her diverse background and experience make her an experienced voice of reason in what can be an adversarial process.


Christina looks forward to working with clients as an integral part of the team in order to ensure a successful outcome whenever possible.  


Christina brings a unique blend of experienced litigation and real-world business advice to individuals and companies.  Her unique background at both small and large firms allows her to facilitate legal needs for large companies, start-up businesses and individuals.



Running a successful and profitable business can be hard.  Dealing with your lawyers should not be.   


Christina provides “general counsel” advice and helps give you peace of mind by understanding the critical aspects of your business and providing real-world solutions. Christina will work on your schedule and within your budget to provide high-quality legal services at cost-effective rates.  She is a team player, integrating and working effectively with your other service professionals.  She takes a long-range view of your business and personal goals to help you navigate the path to success. 


Christina is your source for legal and risk management advice.  She has the breadth of knowledge, strategic connections, and entrepreneurial approach to add real value to your business.  




When a client wants or needs to go to trial, Christina will vigorously represent and advocate on her clients behalf.  She has extensive experience in state and federal courts, both in front of a bench or jury.  


Unlike many other attorneys, she has real litigation experience at trial. She works hard to get the best result possible for her clients. Christina is able to voice her clients perspective as an effective advocate and seasoned litigator.


Her approach to the courtroom is to prepare and look for common sense themes that resonate. She strives to offer the best quality legal representation possible given her clients needs and each individualized set of facts.

Christina Haring-Larson,

Attorney-Managing Member


Phone: (206) 632-4242

Address: 4111 E. Madison St. Ste #900, Seattle, WA 98112

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